Meistersinger Pangaea Day Date

The Meistersinger Pangaea day date. Another one hand watch from the german manufacturer Meistersinger. I really like the simple design.

I hope you enjoy.


Download Universal - Google Drive

Download - Google Drive

MEISTERSINGER_PANGAEA_31 clock_skin_model


Simple, yet verry interesting and nice.Thx. for sharing.

ooooooooooo nicey thank you!

Looking good :+1::+1::+1::+1:. Nice one

@Dr_Andy_Vishnu @vladimir_lutzu @Louis_Peek
Thank you, guys!:blush:

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@G1NT0N1C nice watch! I like the use of texture and depth :slight_smile: well done!

Working myself on that army breitling, just finished adding texture. It’s a very important step

Thx. In this case it’s a gone yellow paper…