May I introduce my first designed and programmed watchface app.

May I introduce my first designed and programmed watchface app.

a minimalistic view on time.

Update: New watchface. Better houre dividers

Design by: @Kenneth_Tan_Fotograf
Programming by: @Kenneth_Tan_Fotograf

This is a test to see how directional shadows are programmed. There’s a shadow under the red line an that is generated from a pre-determined light angle.
The rotation of the watchface and line were a calculation headache.

This is a standalone watchface. It can be installed on any Android device.

Updated APK:!AnsZnYqBwc-EgYM8odEmSfsYWmi6BQ

Enjoy, and bug reports are welcome.

@Kenneth_Tan_Fotograf , You are god. :slight_smile:

Looks good… what is the time on the watch?.. does the red line move or do the numbers rotate?

@Andrew_Davis ​ you can look at this watch from two angles:
You have a rotating red line around the center of the display. And the clockface is shifting in circles inside your watch window.


This is a huge watch and your window is doing circles over a quarter of the watchface.
The red line goes through the center of the clock and always points through the correct time.

The time is 1:41

There are 5 periods between each hour… so each marker is 12 minutes… the red line is just past the 36 minute marker = 41 minutes :slight_smile:

Everything moves. The clockface moves in a circle and the red line rotates around the center.
Yeah about those 4 divider lines.
It are minute divisions. Doesn’t work that well in an single hand clock.
Going for 5 division update tomorrow.

60 markers in a full circle - for seconds and minutes… but you’re using the space between an hour to count the minutes… each marker is therefore 12 minutes (12 x 5 = 60)… you could easily put in 5 so that each is 10 minutes… it would also be a bit easier to tell the time :slight_smile:

My version of this created back in June here:
It cuts each hour into 6 divisions = 10min, with a slightly longer one for the half hour. I find it quite easy to read.
This uses the standard clock engine (D5, etc) and as mentioned in the post there is some distortion due to the engine limitations. With a proper app you don’t have these constraints.

Hi can i put the standalone faces with the stock launcher of kw88 without using zooper widget or nova launcher? Thanks

@Andrew_Somers did nor know you also had a crack at this one. Looks quite different with your clockface.
Going to update the clockface today with a new division and possibly a longer 30 min line.
Thanx for the tip.

@Edgar_G you can install it and it will work. But the standard launcher will block it from showing when you activate the watch.
You need Novalauncher (or another of your liking), Home2 shortcut and Twisted Home switcher. Then also you need Tasker to create an action that starts the app with display on.
Quite simple once you’ve done it.

@Kenneth_Tan nice thanks for your amazing faces!!! :slight_smile:

Could you add some swype gesture?

What would you want swipe to do?


Mr. Kenneth Tan! Allow to express you big gratitude for your kindness and a talent. Thanks to you all of us have an opportunity to have fine design watch face on the devices! I place all your talented works at the largest international forum observing all copyright and entering your name as developer. Thanks!

@Sher_Akiloff I looked at your board, but I could not registrer. The fields are in russian and Google wont translate. I don’t know what I need to enter in the last field.