Many thanks to Eric Crochemore for his launcher,

Many thanks to @Eric_Crochemore for his launcher, you rock :slight_smile: Here is a selection of randomly chosen recent faces working on the DM368 with Eric’s launcher, full face creator credits listed below, thanks to their tireless efforts too.

  1. Original design by FOSSIL
    Clockskin Design by David Teboul.
    Download :
  2. Original design by OMEGA
    ClockSkin design by David Teboul.
    Download :
  3. Invicta Reserve port by Edward Henry of work by bunker verhoeven
  4. Atusse by Darren Bockman
    Atusse download:
  5. White Seamaster ported by Edward Henry original work by Ty Damon and with homage to

Thank you for sharing :wink:

Danke und frohes Fest

Thanks a lot 1078 Garage. Nice work

How to download this on finow x1

@Harnidan_Singh your question is a good example of why we have very detailed “how to” documents on this forum and our technical support forum. Please take the time to read them.

Nice post @1078_Garage:+1::+1:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 I Tried To Find as m new to the forum aswell where cn I created my own faces .plz guide me bro

Hi and sorry to disturb, I’m a newcomer…, could you explain me the best way to use the Eric launcher ? I purchased a lemfo les1. For instance, is it mandatory to download it on a smartphone? It works also between an android tablet and the Smartwatch ? What to do once the launcher is downloaded ? Many thanks

@Damien_Palmier yes - go here to our sister forum and find out:

Great stuff. Thank you.