Made this colorwheel watchface for KW88 just to enjoy the beauty of amoled display

Made this colorwheel watchface for KW88 just to enjoy the beauty of amoled display


Do you know what to do if your laptop or PC cant find your KW88? I restored it to its factory settings and now my pc can see KW88 but it cannot identify the driver. I tried the microsoft troubleshooting but its no help. Hope you have something tia

l have the same problem… my PC can’t see the KW88 … also what software do you use to design your watches? thanks BR

Same problem here, windows 10 shows it as ‘unknown device’ so i guess it needs an usb driver. Anyway i installed google drive on watch to transfer files from pc.
+Blood RReport i use Photoshop.

my windows 10 does not show anything when it’s connected to the watch :frowning: do you know where l can find in depth details of how to construct watch faces for the KW88. thanks BR

@Blood_Report @Gabriele_Gabrielli this should reslove your issue.

I can work with Photoshop OK but l need details on watch face design.
missing/deleted image from Google+

At first my windows 10 can see my watch but after restoring it to its factory settings my pc cant see it.

can faces created on Watchmaker be used on the KW88?

@CS_10 no, not yet.

l managed to get Win 10 to recognise the KW88 on the PC :slight_smile:

Pablo Eleven : is there software that can recommend l use to design and upload to my KW88?

@Blood_Report not yet - but there are developers working in the background to achieve this. At the moment it’s copy and paste :slight_smile:

I found another way out for LEM5 connectivity to win10 PC. My PC recognizes it as camera. So, pictures folder is visible. just copy the required folders in to pictures folder in watch and later use file manager app in watch to move those folders to ClockSkin folder. That works for me.

Am new to android watch. Why is this skin apk format while many others are just zip files. Why did the author choose this format? is there a way to convert it to zip?