Lokmat APPLLP PRO (aka Prime 2)

Hi all,

Kospet has sold the Prime 2 to Lokmat and they will now be selling this device as the APPLLP PRO.

It is exactly the same device in terms of hardware and the firmware is just a different name but otherwise the same.
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Link https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_ABpNMX

Here are the advertising materials and specs:

Just remember that Face Unlock is now deprecated as a security risk by Google - even though it is included in the firmware. So it will work but, we advise that you do not use it.
The specs are exactly the same as the Prime 2.
So if in doubt - visit the Prime 2 thread.


hi is there a firmware available this watch… i have the prime 2 and would like to flash it to this since its the same watch hardware

Are you talking about the original Lockmat APPLLP pro firmware?
By the way, the international Firmware will run on this watch, too.

ok thanks, i will just do the international firmware instead