Lokifish Marz Can you please help? I've done firmware upgrade with your instructions,

@Lokifish_Marz Can you please help?

I’ve done firmware upgrade with your instructions, and now my d5 is on 10.03.
When I tried to root it, using your same “root guide” it said, pmk or something similiar, rome must be downloded.
Can you please tell me, how to root my phone, or how to get 812a rom on it so i can get better use of battery life and some extras :slight_smile:
Also I’ve found out that I can use whatsapp on it with wi-fi with the same number on it as my phone, just use MAC spoof to make it same mac address as phone, but i need it rooted first :slight_smile:
Thank you so much for all your hard work!!!

If you already flashed/upgrade the Lokis Rom your watch already has TWRP and it’s already rooted.

Regarding you say about whatsapp… I would like to know more about it!


I didn’t, I’ve only updated firmware and i think it’s legit one from no.1

As for whatsapp it works, i’ve tested it on two different andorid phones when i use multisim with same phone number. so watch shouldn’t be an issue… just to change mac adress :slight_smile: hence the root :stuck_out_tongue:

My watch is rooted. Could you provide me with a tutorial? Can it have any issue doing this?

Simple :slight_smile: