lockscreen With stock launcher you move the watch and appear a simple face,

With stock launcher you move the watch and appear a simple face, not the watchface you selected
What is this?
Can I destroy it?

Which watch are you talking about? KW88?

Launcher is the same for all android 5.1

Only Blitz, KW88, Z9 and I2 have that launcher. All the Sinsoft watches.
The Finow watches are 5.1 (the plus models) and have a totally different launcher.
Anyway, unfortunately it’s hard coded into the launcher on the Sinsoft watches.
Sorry, I am unaware of a solution to this one…

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Resolved
Tasker+autoimput plugin
when display on
launch app (whatchface custom)
simulate touch imput on the screen

So in the time you see the whatch…there is the watchface you want!!!


Did you install tasker just for that? I am not sure tasker is a convenient solution on the smartwatch, it’s a permanent process in background that waste battery.

@Fran_P no I’m doing a lot of other things
permanent process? Don’t matter tasker consuption is more less than we think
Display waste battery like smartphones

@Fabio Nice work :+1:

Hi @Fabio
But yours solution only works with custom faces, no with stock faces, right?

Ive read this thread 3x and still I don’t know what its about. .

@Kenneth_Tan on KW88 or I2 (sinsoft watches) - when you raise your hand you get a simple digital face - not the actual watch face. It’s a lock screen I think. If you disable lock screen it would probably go away and you would see your usual watch face.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 it’s not a lock screen… I don’ t know what is this…

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 It’s not a lock screen, it is coded that way.

Fair enough. Nasty…

How can destroy it?

Ah. the “gesture activated clockface”
Now I get it. Sorry too busy settling a fight on an other thread… :wink:

Just disable it in the settings. Right?

Yes bit I want move the watch and display get on with my clockface

@Fabio What do you mean?

@Smash_Smashin @Kenneth_Tan_Fotograf I mean that I want:
display off
i move my watch to see the hour
display get on but with MY WATCHFACE

Is that possible?

@Antonio_Praca no also with the stock because I can simulate

if display on
click on display (so the watchface is shown)