LF16 OTA Update Issue.

Hi All,

I recently purchased my 3rd LF16 after having got 2 that had major quality issues & all was FINALLY, going well… until,

I tried to do a Firmware Update.

When I press the “Test Version” icon, it says:

“This version is not configured in FOTA server.”

Can anybody A: Please tell me what the actual frack this means & B: What I can do in order to update the firmware?

I have some minor issues that I am hoping a firmware update will remedy, otherwise I’ll be forced to send a third LF16 back to Lemfo? I think if it comes to that though I’ll just get a refund & give up on what I thought is/was a great looking watch?

Thanks in advance.

I have the same problems. I’m now trying to solve this issue by manualy updating the watch, maybe that helps.

This is perfectly normal.

It actually means “test the version” - as in test to see if update is required.

If nothing happens it means that there are no OTA updates for the watch yet.