LEMFO LES2 Android 5.1 Smart Watch 1GB

16GB Heart Rate Monitor Smartwatch
(from AliExpress Android)

Does anybody know if this is a good watch?
I have a KW88 now and the limited amount of Storage is , well, limiting… :wink:

everything is about battery

Aug 19, 2017 14:20:38 GMT 1 globalassist said:

i had the x3+ which is the same as the les2 just 8gb storage and the one strap got damaged in less than 6 months i workout alot so maybe that is the reason but i'll never buy a watch that at least i can try do something to repair the strap as the X1\D5. i think the x200 is better choice or the x5 air or the +.

The newest watches moved away from the micro sd memory card slot… why ?

Aug 22, 2017 8:23:21 GMT 1 lon said:
The newest watches moved away from the micro sd memory card slot... why ?

the mtk6572 S1\Q7 and the lemfo lf17 (same watch different look) come with only 4gb storage and 512mb ram and most mtk6580 watches come with at least 8gb storage and 1gb ram that is more than enough for a watch. still....after using mtk6580 and mtk6572 watches i think for now i'll stick to mtk6572 watches:) 

what do you need more that 8G or 16G of storage for on a watch? Unless someone plans on playing music while running or something.