LES1 Screen Allignment Issue

Hello helpful folks,
Need some advice if I may…
Bought a new LES1 and the screen is slightly misaligned. Only out by a few millimeters but now I know it…I see it all the time!!
Not having loads of joy with the supplier, with this latest answer from them:‘We forward to supplier and this should be caused for a little difference when Synchronize’
What the hell does that mean!!!
Any ideas how to resolve = send back/open her up/app/software fix?

Cheers for trying folks

Unfortunately I had the same problem with the Zeblaze Thor, which I sold because all the skin was offline, it seemed like a problem with the display not aligned.

Sorry to hear that. I am scared of opening it up to see if I can move it but,as brand new…not so sure!

I also tried to move it but nothing happened. You may be wasting your smartwatch. Wait for some other advice but I think it’s a hardware issue.