Les1 internet connection not working

I put the firmware 2017 11 22 then once configured the SmartWatch I inserted the SIM in the rear compartment but the data connection does not happen, APN I inserted it right unless there is another firmware version for the one with SIM card

Please turn it off and on again.

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does not work

Phone is working, mobile data not? Are you sure that mobile data is enabled in the settings?

I managed to put the firmware Z10-YFZ-V13-20180601 … yay!

So it’s working now?

with this firmware I am noticing that the keyboard has the most spaced letters, then also the menu has some icon that changes (example: switch platform has 2 arrows instead before it had a symbol with a drawing and also Connect Phone to the symbol before it was with the drawing . in the notifications section it is the same. now let’s see if the data connection goes by putting the APN of I mobile … No it still does not work, although I have put the correct apn