LES1 constanty re booting

How do I fix this? Less than a month old…

I had the same issue with my first LES1, it startet after just 2 days. In the end it didn’t even turn on anymore.
It seems that you got a preproduction sample, just like the one that they sold me at a full price at BangGood at the first PreSale Wave.
They normally say that if something happens within 3 days or you receive a DOA (defective on arrival) item, they have a special warranty would send you a replacement.
It didn’t happen, only excuses over excuses via email and after each email you have to wait for 3-4 days to get the same disappointing answer by another support agent that you should make a video of the problem. I did a full video and explained the issues but they didn’t even watch it. I checked in the youtube statistcs of the video.

Fact is that I opened now a case at PayPal and hopefully after 180 days I get my money back.

My conclusion: Never buy at. BangGood. Horrible packaging and non-existant support. I never had any issues with GearBest, DX, or Aliexpress.

I bought my 2nd LES1 directly at LEMFO and so far it runs like a charm.

I think your only chance is to open a support ticket where you bought it. Hopefully not at BangGood.


Balls, got it from BangGood… :frowning: well have to see how i get on getting replacement or refund.



try this method