Len T Screen Durability if it gets hit

I am new here and want to thank every one for the wealth of info that I have been reading over the past few days. I am getting an Lem T and am concerned about the screen durability at the end of my arm. I know that I smack my watch pretty hard occasionally as I walk around. I am concerned that the screen would shatter if it gets hit. I have not read anything about this on the board. Do you use screen protectors? If so what kind?
Thank You!

I must have banged mine while walking around because one day I found about 1 mm of the screen gouged out. It didn’t shatter or crack and it still works fine.

Thanks for reply. Do you use a screen protector?

I don’t…

if you are that concerned about durability, go for the Rollme S08, as I did. it comes with gorilla glass 4, ceramic bezel and full waterproofing. when it comes to durability, this watch is by far my favorite :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion but I have old [78 year] eyes and I need something BIG to see.