Lemfo Y3 Smooth running Second Hands?

Hello there from Germany,
i just bought a Y3 from Gearbest, but didnt arrived yet.
Shortly after i bought it i noticed in YouTube videos that the Second Hands on all the Watchfaces dont run Smoothly like on all others Android 5.1 smartwatches. they just go secondwise. But i absolutley love this smooth look and now iā€™m afraid i just bought that one single smartwatch without this feature :confused:
but then i saw a video from smartwatch ticks on youtube where he reviews the latest update on the KW88 where the ability was added to download watchfaces directly from the watchface menu, where many smooth running watchfaces downloadable. do you think this firmware update will be released also for the Y3?

Just Install the Clockskin Launcher from this forum and you can. Works perfectly on my Y3.