LEMFO LEM15 Comes With 128GB ROM + Android10.7 OS

Lemfo has launched its new Android smartwatch with 128GB ROM + Android10.7 OS.

What do you think?

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I think is the same smartwatch like The LOKMAT APPLLP 4 but APPLLP 4 it has a more beautiful dial and comes with a metal strap and an 8MP side camera:


I don’t know why these factories always make similar watches (LEMFO, LOKMAT, ZEBLAZE)

I know what you mean! They should concentrate on one good model, correct specs, software improvements. At this cost I’m waiting for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, because of the quality of build and support.

@mouadeddouch it is the Chinese B2B sales system.

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What the heck is Android 10.7? Checked the articles on Lemfo and LOKMAT, they all say Android 10.7 but such Android version simply does not exist.

128gb is abit ott for a watch the 64gb seems better as you cant really watch your movies on a small face , but one is good justice league as its a 4.3 movie .extra ram is always better than how many gb’s it has