Lemfo Lem12, watchfaces problem

Hi everyone, I have a problem with my lemfo lem 12. A few weeks ago I received a system update and from that moment some watchfaces downloaded from the clockskin site no longer appear correctly, battery indications, charge indications, percentage of remaining battery and other indicators of the watch face are badly positioned compared to how they should be placed. All this did not happen before the update.
I tried to uninstall and reinstall the watchface, I tried to turn off and restart the watch but the problem always occurs.
Has it happened to any of you too?

Did you do a factory reset after installing the update? If not it should correct the problem.

Yes, I’vee done it, and a few minutes ago i done it again but the problem is still here…

Maybe some watchfaces are not optimizated for lemfo lem 12.

@eric . Have you had this problem with your Lem12 . Cheers

Are some of the faces designed for Universal Launcher only ? And you dont have this installed ? Just a thought

I suspect that a new face engine has been used since the update. You could flash the original firmware to solve the problem. But you can also manually adapt the watch faces to the new face engine.

How can I manually do it??

Thats difficult to answer if you dont understand the clockskin code . And if you did understand the code you wouldnt have asked the question . So the only way is to learn i’m afraid .


It’s not a serious problem, so I will use another watchface.
Thank you for your answer :wink:

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