Lemfo lem t booting up but no display screen

Hello team,

I got the lemfo lem t a day ago and when i turned it on, it doesnt show anything on the screen but i heard a rebooting sound as well as the backlight is on. I try to hold the power button very long for a minute and charged the phone for how many hours but nothing is happening. When i press and hold the power button, the phone just keeps on restarting. Does anybody know how to fix this? I would appreciate it. Dont want hassle to return then wait for months to get it replaced or fixed. Please advise

Best is probably to flash the fw. Just follow the YT channel tutorial.


to be honest, i just brought it with me and wore it on my wrist fmthe entire time while checking places to have it fixed bur, damn it. i just checked it and it worked just like that. maybe something happened from the transit and when it got a bit warm on my wrist it just kinda worked