LEMFO LEM 14 Problem

my LEM 14 reviewed with Unbranded S10Pro only holds a charge for 12 hours. Is this normal ??
thank you

Its impossible to say as you have not told us what you have running or have turned on , on the watch .

Merci, only time :sleepy: :sleepy:

It depends a lot on how you use the watch. For example, if I play video games for several hours, I will still get less than 12 hours.

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I do nothing except read the time =)

Ok, have you performed a factory reset after flashing the firmware?

i do )= before everything was fine) =

can I go back ???

Back to original Firmware? Sure, that’s possible.

merci, but how to do =)

I READ : Possibly one of the most important things to note is that now the firmware is operating more like Android intended – standby battery life can be up to 5-6 days. We get over 4 days even when Wi-Fi is enabled and google is signed in. Of course – this will vary in use cases, but it is a significant improvement.

what did I do wrong ,

Without further information, how am I supposed to tell you what you’re doing wrong? Personally, I would do one more factory reset and then fully charge the watch two times and then fully discharge it.


thank you but where can I find the factory stock ?? here is my question =)

This is the latest firmware we have . Is this what you flashed your watch with

*yes i do

but the link arrives on an image ??


link lemfo_14 to “watch faces” ???

I think you will find it also here: Unbranded S10Pro International firmware - update from SD Card - Suitable for LEM14 2021.06.09 NO FLASH TOOL REQUIRED! or if you do not want to read the topics here is a direct link to stock firmware: S10PRO_LEM_C15_EN_V1.7_20210121.zip - Google Drive

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thank you all you are being kind

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