Hi, I’m new and I thanks all users can help me.
The watch that I buy in december for my son, this morning after he turn ON stay locked on logo 4G in startup.
If I press for 5 sec. the button on the side it go in reboot but return locked…
There’s something to do for a total reset?
Sometimes I remember that in my old smartphone I need to reflash with a cable and software: there’s something that I can do?
If someone have the firmware and software for do a flash I can try to save this smartwatch…
I wait for your help.
Thank you.
Best regards.


Hi . Sorry but we only support full android watches on this forum . After closer inspection this is not a full android watch . You could try holding the two buttons in together for a while for 20-30 sections


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Hi Dr_Andy_Vishnu, thank you for your help, I think this is an Android watch 4.4 with a particular launcher…
The smartwatch seems to have only one button (and a second touch on the screen).
There are two hole in the body, one of this I think is the microphone, the second I don’t know…
Can you explain me better what I can do?
Thank you for all.

Sorry but as i said we do not support therefore have no knowledge of this model . Sorry

@Dr_Andy_Vishnu is right. It’s not a full android watch. We can’t help you.

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Ok guys, thank you for all, I really appreciate.
Best regards.

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Good luck :+1: