Lemfo 12 Pro watch OR Kospet Power?

Just join this Forum. I’m from Denmark. Had already seen a good information.
I have a question:
I’m looking to buy either Lemfo 12 Pro or Kospet Power. The specs are almost the same. But what to buy? Is there some problems?

The Kospet Power is Android 7, the Lemfo LEM 12 pro is Android 10. Both operating systems work well, A10 will be usable for a longer term, but still has a few minor problems.


Thanks very much G1NT0N1C for your answer and input.
Look like your in to those watches.
Have those watches “always on display” mode or is it possible later install some software? Normally it’s possible only for max. 30 min. I Think?

These watches do not have an always-on display, as the screen technology is not suitable for this. There is software available for this, but very little is recommended.

OK. Thanks for your reply. I will be back to this community when I have my smartwatch.