Launchers for Kospet Prime

After I spent some time with my Kospet Prime SE I still can not decide who is correct launcher for me.
I would like to get some information from the people here and advises to.

The MainActivity launcher looks very cool, but is there possibility to add/remove widgets or shortcuts? Also the apps in the drawer are sort very strange - not alphabetically. Is there a way to change the order.

Universal Launcher. My first opinion was it will be the alternative of MainActivity, but soon I realize it has some problems with the widgets. I reinstall it few times and at the end it ask me for permissions to add widgets. I allow it twice, but still after restart instead widgets I see only black space. Looks like the widget is there but can not be loaded. I tried with 5-6 different widgets.
Am I doing something wrong?

As my last try I tried Nova and X Launcher for Xperia. Both works well and are similar. I can create screens and put on them as many widgets without problem. I removed the docks to get access to whole display. acHere I tried lot of watch widgets, but non of them works well as the faces on UL and MA. At the end I put Digital Clock Widget Xperia. It is not so cool as faces, but has weather and battery information on it.

Best regards to all!

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