[KW88] Uncentered display -> Easy fix

after getting my Kingwear 88 I noticed that the Display was not centered. So almost one milimeter was covered by the black frame which totally destroyed the look of watchfaces that have a kind of outline or fine details on the outer edge.
I opened up my watch and removed the mainboard and the battery as well as the plastic carrier part until I could access the display itself.
The display is just glued into the watch (guess they were using a kind of double layer tape that goes around the outer edge of the display).
By using a screwdriver you can apply a very little bit of pressure to let the display slide into the right position. The tape or glue they used has a decent flex, so after moving de display it wont stay in its position (it moves back over time). I used fine stripes of cardboard/paper that I put between the display and the watch case to keep it in position.

Don’t press or push to hard, just very light and let it move slowly. The display is made from glass, keep that in mind!
Maybe it will be easyer after it got heated up with a hairdryer a little bit.
You do it on your own risk!

My display is perfectly centered after 2 adjustments. Maybe it will help you to fix that issue on your watch as well


Hi. can u upload a video plz?
ZI have this problem and fear to break lcd glass.

Sept 8, 2017 19:30:15 GMT 1 spinebreaker said:

does'nt look an easy tesk:)