kw88(Translation modifications.) A new version of upgraed is not clock Date of watch face.

kw88(Translation modifications.)
A new version of upgraed is not clock Date of watch face. (build version: 2016/09/03 ). The previous version had a date clock . Is there a way to change this?

Do you mean… that you have loaded an apk KW88 clock face and there is no date showing?
Can you post a picture?




No data showing

@Hyuk_jun_Choi Error - no image :frowning:

Previous build version seems to date.

Previous build version seems to date.

Sorry. I spend a translator. Since then upgrade the firmware kw88 not appear on the watch face that date. understand?

There is no date after the latest firmware upgrade.

Understand and we see it.Reading back you’ll find its very hard at the time to create watch faces and the only thing that works for certain are the three hands.(hour, minute and seconds)
However ,some do see the date, if you saw the date and it is gone after a firmware update it means to me they (the manufacturer Sinsoftech) did something that changed that.

If you look at this the positive way they are busy working out the clockface issues we have here and wrote them about.

If you know Chinese please ( mine is a bit rusty) do us all a favour and write to them asking to update the firmware on the KW88 making it possible for us to change the clock faces easily .
There are more wishes to be asked in such a mail…
Here is our conversation about that including the mail and post address of mister Lee Sun and Sinsoftech.
Please inform us if you will mail them for us all, doing the community a big favour.

Ok…thanks martin

You’re welcome

쩝 괜히 OTA 업데이트를 했네 orz

No ota for me kw88

Same happened with me after the upgrade

A date is a must in the watch especially that we started to design our own watchfaces and info needs to be there, so appreciate doing this upgrade. I admit so far that the kw88 is very competitive and even better than big brand names in the market so let’s not lose this advantage.