KW88 - some questions

I have read the board comments to see where my queries might be answered but still have some questions

Why the minimal digital time display on raised arm ? - how much more power would be used by using the selected watchface ?

Is there a plan to have option in later Firmware - do we know anyone at Kingwear who could confirm ?

I have tried the Macrodroid flip action as posted in companion thread but does not appear to be working for me

As - Above - will later firmware have option to prevent going to low power mode - - would rather exhaust at full functionality

Sinwear notifications function on the watch but I can seem to open to read - is this just me or is this just broken in sinwear ?

Again querying broken functions - unable to get music player to work on watch

Battery life - only Bluetooth connected -seemingly getting about half day (read the thread about battery rejuvenation - checked the apps and yes, I am a bit suspect about these)

Thank you for your time if you can answer any of the above for me