KW88 severe network problems

Hello everyone, I own a kw88 since August 2016 and at beginning everything worked fine. Now I’m not able to register to my network carrier most of the times, and when I do, its only 2g outdoor and very close to mobile carrier antenna. I have fw 20160921. I also have zeblaze blitz and I tried my sim card with it and it worked fine. My carrier is Portuguese MEO and it works on the 900EGSM, 1800DCS, B1 2100UMTS and B8 900GSM UMTS. Is there any FW that enables the WCDMA GSM 900? Do you think this could be hardware issue? Please advice, I’m getting nuts…

I’m having the same issues with my KW88, I’m in Canada using Rogers.

Same for me. I checked antena inside bełt by extracting plasticzek cover connectins were broker but soldering did mot improved connectivity. Got full refund from Ali .

I bought mine from GearBest. I will contact support and try to explain the problem, hope they can help. Later i will post results in the forum

This watch is total rubbish . Shouldnt be allowed to sell . I have had the lot :-

Cracked back
No 3G ( unless taken off wrist )
Impossible OTA
Battery appaling

Just bought a Finow X5 guys ! Wow . A different world . Best ever :-

Top quality
3G spot on
Battery amazing

My advice to anyone with a KW88 is to set fire to it !

I’m having the same problem … at first I did not notice problems but now whenever I turn on the GSM the signal is very weak!
I noticed a detail: if you put your finger on the bracelet, right next to the clock connection at the bottom the signal gets much better!
I do not know if it’s a problem connecting the antenna cable to the wrist strap or if my hand is an antenna!

Maybe we need to fix…