KW88 OTA update! Downloading now...

KW88 OTA update!

Downloading now… Don’t know which FW version it’s going to update to.

Stop it! ahah
I want so badly my watch that i die everytime i see (good) news like this!
Share later the fw version in order too see if i get that when my watch comes:)

@Jorge_Fernandes ​ when is your watch due to come? just finished updating the watch and I’m not noticing anything new haha. It just says Latest version: KW88_CS1_B_20160729

Well, i hope tomorrow. I’m waiting for like 2 weeks due to some problems with the shipping company :s
Well, at least they changed the date in the version ahah it’s not possible to check for the changelog? I guess that, behind the bugs that we already know, the major bug is the lack of support and information, even with this awesome community trying to do it’s best

@Miguel_Tan That’s the version I flashed in yesterday. Not noticeable any big changes. I think the QR code phone app is different and the cellular settings menu. Battery ran out at 17:00 today, so no significant battery life improvement. Tony

The quality of the battery is a hardware story. Buying on Ebay a better battery !!

And what about …Kernel version 3.10.72+ ?

yes that’s what mine has…