KW88 : I got just one vibration when incoming call came in,

KW88 : I got just one vibration when incoming call came in, then the vibration stops and only notification screen is on. High chances of missing important calls.

I’m not sure this bizarre behavior starts happening after recent firmware updates or not. Anyone experiencing same problem? Should I try factory reset?

에릭의 런처를 설치한 이후 부터 아닌가요?
Since you installed Eric’s launcher, right?

Could be. But clean uninstall + reboot does not solve the problem.

시계 화면에서 먼저 uninstall 한 후 setting 에서 uninstall 해야 했습니다.
만약 그걸 무시하고 setting(Uninstall application) 에서 먼저 unstall 했다면,
방법이 없을꺼 같네요.
공장 초기화 하면 됩니다.
Eric의 포스트를 잘 읽어 보았으면 그런 실수는 안했을 터인데…

You had to uninstall it on the clock screen first and then uninstall it in the settings.
If you ignore it and unstall it first in the settings (Uninstall application)
There is no way.
You can do factory reset.
You would not have made such a mistake if you read Eric’s post …

first here unistall…
missing/deleted image from Google+

Well, I used 3rd party uninstall app to clean uninstall the launcher, but guess that was not enough! Thanks for the great tip!

Could you speak Korean?
I’m not good English

Anyway, even if you use a 3rd party uninstaller, just click on “uninstall me” and it will be erased.