KW88 Google Maps Have you guys tried to use this?

KW88 Google Maps

Have you guys tried to use this? Location is ON with DATA on. Able to browse websites and other things thru internet, but Google Maps always “Searching for GPS”, I tried this while I was driving earlier. GPS on the KW88 is supposed to work right?

Haven’t tried it yet.
Tried looking at a screen on my watch during driving my car: VERY DANGEROUS. Getting the time is OK, but I could not do anything else because you need to turn your wrist to see the watch and swipe with the other hand’s finger to operate, thereby letting go of the steering wheel.
That’s a big NONO!

You should bear in mind that even though the watches have GPS it does not mean they are accurate. Many elements can interfere with the signal and it was never meant to be something you relied on. The antenna is very small and on your wrist.
Put this wrist inside a car or building and you can cut reception by 75%.
It’s not like a phone where the antenna and hardware are much larger and more sensitive.

I’ve tested the Wifi connection yesterday outside using Hotspots and on the KW88 the reception is truly nothing short of amazing. I was on the move taking pictures and the watch picket up hotspots as I moved. Connecting is also done extremely fast…
I’ll test some GPS signals now in my house/@window. I’ll compare it to my Galaxy S4.

I set it up before I drove around and was just testing if it would get some sort of GPS signal but it didn’t.

Just did a comparison test between the GPS on KW88 and my Galaxy S4.
Sunny and clear skies today: 13:50 hours.
Galaxy S4 shows 22 satellites found, 19 connected with good to fair SNR.
KW88 found 12 satellites with 4 connected average to poor SNR.

Confirmed, KW88 GPS is not suited for real navigation applications. It might work in an emergency situation if you have the time to wait for an intermittently found location fix.

Inside my studio 1,5 meters from the (open) window the S4 still connects 16 of 21 found satellites, the KW88 no connection of 12 found.
I believe the “found” satellites can be related to downloaded A-GPS data. So these satellites are not “really” found by the antenna. The software just knows they should be the nearest ones to my location.

Mine came 97% charged.

perform a factory reset from the settings menu. It will wipe the watch but these new watches use a battery monitoring service which seems a bit buggy and it will hopefully fix it

@tim_Collins Which version you have now? I have 3.10.72 July 19, mine reads “currently the latest version”, even if it isn’t the latest version haha.

@Miguel_Tan ​ same here

KingWear OTA server is off at the moment. When it comes back you will be able to update

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​ Any news when they will provide an OTA update and what improvements are being worked on if there’s any? Thanks!