Kospet Prime Glass - An observation

Having owned three other smartwatches that feature Gorilla Glass, none has ever been scratched. Now in less than a month of ownership, my Kospet Prime has several minor scratches and a bigger “scuff” which I can only attribute to an inferior grade of Corning Glass (if it is - in fact - Corning Glass)…

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I wish I’d had bought the Genesis! Heres my stats:

KW88 over heated while charging, replaced battery now only runs 15 min and dies.
Thor 4 the original bands fell off, can’t wear.
LEMFO LEM X, Big scatch.
Kospet Hope, scratched.

Mr Ticks said I’m to rough on my watches guess he didn’t know for 1.5 years
I was bed bound and never left the house.

I am greatful to all the people who made this Android community work. I’ve learned a lot. I had time to learn, it kept me busy.

I have the Prime, don’t really care for the IPS screen but getting used to it.

I also got the Ticwatch Pro and waiting t see the Pixel Watch when it comes out.

Why is that ?

Thats a shame and as you are the first to report it i’m surprised . I have used two primes and both spotless . I have no reason to believe the glass isnt what kospet say it is

Are you absolutely sure that you have removed the screen protector? When the watch came to you there were 2 slides on the screen. The top film has a small paper flag and is easy to remove. Underneath is the screen protector, which is very sensitive to scratching.
I usually remove it personally.


GIN nailed it… Didn’t know there was a second screen protector - NOW, I’m scratch free!


Well G1N…I as gonna say that I didn’t know there was a 2nd screen protector…and that you nailed it …and that I am now scratch free…but my good friend @doubledad got the drop on my and used all the best lines! :woozy_face: :smile: So, Many thanks for letting us know about the 2nd screen protector G1N! I too had a slight scratch across the screen that has now magically disappeared…and an added bonus is that the screen appears to be easier to see (?)…and that is on my Kospet Hope by they way…who’d have thought that they would use 2 screen protectors? :woozy_face: :rofl: Cheers, Doons

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HUDA THUNKIT (need a translation?)

Tanrsltaion? Naw. G1N taught me how to spell in “Forum speak”! :woozy_face: :rofl: Cheers, Doons

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ID TEN T :grinning:

For those that don’t know, thats why it is a good idea to watch Mr. Tick’s reviews before or after buying a watch. One of the first things he usually does is to suggest to remove the “second” screen protector.