Hello, I bought the KOSPET Prime 4G and I can’t find the dream monitor. In the image of the APP if the crescent comes out sleeping, but I have downloaded it for the Play Googel and for APK and when it is installed on the Mobile. … does not appear what can happen? Don’t have the sleep?

I appreciate english is not your first language but i have absolutley no idea what you are talking about . Sorry

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I can’t figure specifically what he is talking about either but suspect it is something like this.

I’m not saying it is this one. This one requires Android 8.0 and if his does would explain why it would not work. Additionally his comment “installed on the Mobile” you don’t know which device he is referring to. Hopefully this will help him explain better what he means.

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Or he could mean he cannot find heartrate monitor and he cannot sleep :grin:


Are you coming from Wear OS ? It sounds like you install a sleep monitor on your mobile and then expect the watch companion of the app to appear on the watch Automatically. This doesn’t happen on Full Android Watches, there you need to install the app with the Google Play app, which you can find in the app drawer.

As an example with the app I listed, Dream Talk Recorder, the instructions recommend you keep your phone pluged in all night because it is a big battery user. Since that is not easy to do with a watch, plus the danger of it overheating I would never try it. Just use my phone.

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