Kospet Prime 2 Official support UPDATED!

and one more


Wow, watchface with arabic letters!
So which one is better for you ticwris max or kp2?

i just got the kp2 today…had the max s for a month now…i will trie the kp2 a few weeks and then decide…love the rectangular screen on the max but hate the plastic non changeable band…sweaty and to tight for me…i have put a metal band on the kp2 and just love it…


No, that (Google Calendar) is a known problem unfortunately. According to @pablo11 they are working on it :crossed_fingers:


I did a test with the GPS Test application on the normal size cell phone (with larger internal antennas) and on the Kospet Prime 2 (with smaller internal antennas), and in both, the precision in open area was the same of approximately 2 meters (with many clouds). In internal areas, no cell phone that I tested was very good, the satellite signal is low power, so the device ends up using other methods to detect the position such as wifi, mobile network data, etc.


@droidtrix you can discuss it there :slight_smile:

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As I said - discuss in the proper thread :joy:

Sorry - missed that there is another thread - flying around too fast today - thanks for moving the replies.

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got a url for the metal band?

i bought it on aliexpress…just look for 26mm black metal watchband…cost about 8€

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use AOD if you wish to. The risk of burn-in isn’t that big on either. It has only been added to the firmware of the amoled watches because it would drain the battery faster on lcd screens


That is true… But.
We noticed burning on the LEM T screens.
So we really don’t recommend it for the two reasons:
Battery drain is terrible.
Risk of screen burning.

But it’s personal choice…
It’s not predictable due to the variety of screen quality and type.


This may be revisiting an old problem somewhat but why does the built in Weather app take so long to update? I have installed two other weather apps that update quickly so I don’t need the built in Weather app except for one thing. My clockface shows the temperature which it gets from Array type 11 I believe. I assume that comes from the built in Weather app and so my clockface temperature is rarely correct. Any suggestions on how to either fix the built in Weather app or how to get the temperature from the other weather apps onto the clockface?

One other question - maybe for the clockface area - is there a way to have it display in temperature in F instead of C ?

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I second that. Weather in the watchfaces matter very little if it’s never up to date…

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It did seem that with Wifi on it would never update but when I turned on Mobile data it did update shortly after that. I never leave on mobile data as the plan I have for this SIM charges by the megabyte so it’s only on when I need it otherwise Google play services would be eating up half my mobile data.

Try universal launcher for this option . Thanks

hey there, i recently did a crude scientific experiment. I went and put a wi-fi signal amplifier in my network and lo and behold my built in weather starting updating. signal amps or wi-fi extenders are inexpensive so they are a good investment. but centralize it in the house or apt.so you have overall coverage. good luck

What kind of strap do you have?
Just curious as I sit here in the hospital waiting room :grin:

@chris_johnson, thanks for the thought but it’s very unlikely that is the problem in mine since I tried this with the watch only a foot away from the Wifi router and it made no difference. My Prime 2 gets Internet fine via Wifi from 20 feet away and my other two weather apps update quickly from that same distance.

@pablo11 - hospital ? are you okay ? Or just visiting someone? Not sure who you are asking about a strap but regarding straps I think I need to find a different one as both loops on mine slip completely off in about 15 minutes of wearing it. Never had that problem with the Prime 1 strap.
Let us know if you are okay!