Kospet Prime 2 Official support ON SALE RIGHT NOW ! see my post at the bottom of this thread

As you are all mostly aware by now - this is an enthusiasts watch and packs a premium punch.
Pre-sales will be opening in the next few days with prices starting around $199 - $220 USD.
It is a LOT of watch for the money! We will set out the much anticipated details here in preparation for the arrival of this incredible device.
BT v5, 4gb ram and 64gb storage running x64 Android for the first time ever… It’s certainly appetizing :slight_smile:

So - for those who do not win one of these in the competition that we have open until the 27th Sep - then it will be on pre-order very soon.
We look forward to these new generation devices.

Please don’t listen to all the rumours.
Sales will start on October 26th on Banggood.
This is from the CEO of Kospet

Official marketing video


It looks very promising.
I just wonder, is 2.1’’ not very big on an average hand? (in my case male)

Well the answer can be achieved with a little effort.
What does a 2.1 inch disk look like on your wrist? Measure one, cut it out and have a look. Taking into account the body as well.
It’s a serious piece of hardware for a serious customer.

Not much else I can say really… :thinking:


Very exciting news :slight_smile:
Would have been nice with Galileo sats for us in Europe :ok_hand:
What kind of camera zoom is the 3.9x they mention in the material ?

the processor supports Galileo, so I was a bit surprised when they only mention gps, glonass and beidou


Probably digital zoom, i think the motorized lens inside the module only does auto focus (which is still a huge improvement compared to the previous fixed lens).

Looks like a must-buy for me.

Who’s with me?


I’ll give it a year to get all the bugs ironed out and then think about it. Still favor the lem 10.

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Looks awesome! Started saving already. That’s definitely going to be big on the wrist but I’ll deal with it. The camera alone almost makes it worth it for me. With the diameter and thickness of the watch I’m estimating it will elevate my nerdiness by 30% :grin:


Where do presale’s take place?

Sounds like you are going to wait on the Prime 3.

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no no, he’ll buy a used prime 2 when the rest of us buys the prime 3

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Actually I don’t own a Prime watch and my life just goes on fine, thank you.

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Same places…

By the way, I can’t answer PM’s all the time… I just don’t have enough time to do this.


Pablo11 no special discount for members.

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i do still using my Lemfo Lem X i love big display

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The competition is a chance to win one but we don’t have discounts normally.
Not for a long time.

too bad,maybe Mt Ticks

Yep, worth looking

pablo 11, the material is ceramic bezel plus plastic, whats that mean no metal at all, the body is in plastic