Kospet Prime 2 is on Banggood Right Now

Kospet Prime 2 is on Banggood Right Now. Here are the full specs:


Note it is not available yet but probably on October 26th according to the site. You can’t actually buy it yet but can get an ‘In Stock’ alert by clicking the button when signed in.

Fixed. Thanks for the headup.


Sorry, I will remove it. Done!
but! It think the person who will buy from that affiliate link will won’t lose any thing. The price remaining the same.

@mouadeddouch Don’t worry, mate. It was already fixed…:wink:

Hi, Does Kospet prime 2 support bluetooth calling ? Thanks in advance.

Not for the moment.

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Hi all ! @G1NT0N1C dont see wirlesse charging mode in the specs. They talk about dock. Do you have any news on this ? Tx a lot

Wireless charging has been removed from the specs in the very last moment, it was degrading other radio performance.


Was waiting for that spec !!! My prime is always a pain in the neck to put to charge.

It was just a minor problem. A component of the wireless charging module disrupted the WLAN. And permanently, not just when charging. It can be solved, only time was too short. Later watches will master it. With much luck - and assuming that the customers are interested - there may even be a retrofit solution for the Prime 2.


Hope so !!! Already in line for one Prime 2… and a Lem12… i guess Prime 2 will be huge on my wrist.

Does retrofit solution mean that anyone can add it with a firmware update? Or does it mean a whole other device?

It means you will get the hardware that you have to place inside the watch


Why are these threads opening up?
There is a main thread for the Prime 2.

Sales will not start until the 26th…
Closing this one.