Kospet optimus pro , Power button unresponsive

Hey, after an unexpected swim my watch got som fog on the camera lens and after a couple of days the power button stopped working. Is it possible to fix? Do i get parts for it? The watch is only a couple months old and it says “waterproof” in the add…

This is not a waterproof watch . You need to put your watch in a sealed bag of rice . With the sim cover removed for 48 hours . Hopefully it will dry out . Leave in a warm place . Do NOT try to power on while damp . Thanks

I tryed to open the back on the watch, couldnt see any signs of water… Do you know if i can buy a new button?

Not as far as i am aware . I would dry it out personally


you can buy a back through the kospet site it cost me 4 euros and shipping 5

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