KingWear KW98 Smartwatch There's a video of a prototype by SmartwatchTicks. Looks awesome.

KingWear KW98 Smartwatch

There’s a video of a prototype by SmartwatchTicks. Looks awesome.

Yep, they’re not bad. We should be getting better firmware for them soon. At the moment we just have the pre release model with KW88 firmware installed.
Sadly there’s still no release date for the public. In fact we’ve had these samples for a few weeks but it was all hush hush and we couldn’t release anything until today. Great job as always @SmartWatch_Ticks:+1:

:slight_smile: Thanks! This was a long one to put together. There’s still some stuff we can’t talk about, but we’ll talk about that later. Or we won’t. Depending, of course.

Ha ha, yes :blush:

It really looks bad, KW88 in another watch-case and only … The horror …

I don’t like the design

I’m hoping that the final design is more pleasing and an option to expand the memory would be awesome. I currently have an Ourtime X01S, I know, but it’s my 1st SW. This may be my 1st round SW. Anticipating the final specs.

There is supposed to be a couple of options for the final release.
One is 512/4gb
Next is 1gb/8gb.
When I first got the watch I thought the strap looked terrible but it’s actually very comfortable and looks ok when you’re wearing it.
I like the flat edge - less screen. No bezel. It looks smaller as a result and it’s easier to swipe…
The new firmware will be quite different to this version.

Yea, I saw that on another site of some of the specs, but really would love (hoping) the feature for expandable memory. Pablo11, how’s the battery life and size (mah)?

Battery life is not bad. It’s the same as the latest kw88. Exactly the same firmware and no doubt same main board and battery.
The main thing for me is how it sits on your wrist and it looks quite small as there’s no bulky edge around the screen.
If I had my way I would put the dual core soc in it with a less powerful GPU for such a tiny screen.
I wish they stop using quad core CPU and powerful GPU chips. There’s absolutely no point with such a small device and battery life would be much better.
They need to go back to using dual core technology in my opinion. This is way over the top for watches…

Agreed, it’s like putting a Hemi engine into a Civic. Design (No one wants to wear an oogli watch) and, of course, functionality (Hacking/Cracking/Customization) is key nowadays. As long as it meet or exceeds my expection, I’m a happy camper. Please continue with keeping us updated with any info with/on KW98 or any awesome SW’s to come. Appreciate the work everyone contributes!

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