Kingwear KC06 step counter shows olways 0 on any watchfaces

problem 1 kingwear KC 06, clockskincoco always cashes, and after want to be default launcher.
problem 2 any watchfaces show 0 in the step counter, but default launcher (circlelauncher) show fine, and when sync with thw phone show fine

plz help, any donation if it works and show stepcounter

Have you removed it from battery saver ? And given all the authorisation ?

Hello. Yeap battery saver off,intelligent standby off,all permission on,battery optimization off

So maybe it’s a problem with the skins you use.

Can you give a link to 100% works skin with the stepcounter. I’ll try. And have launcher crash log? Want to read it,it’s useful

I’ll use 140 watchfaces by now) and all 0 step( weather and heart rate works fine

Goto watchsettings- gesture. Make sure that pedometer Service is enabled.

I’ll install quickshortcut maker, maybe it’s setting hidden by android 6 funos, but unfortunately there is no this settings.

My kc06 rooted already.

There is no pedometer service in genstures,only power on hand up.

At now i’ll Use Version 2.7, when deploy latest version from the store, it crashes, and can’t use it(

Any permission I’ll give to app

Try this app to enter the gesture settings:

Nope. Install. No gensture settings

Then I have no idea, sorry.

On the stock launcher (circlelauncher) steps fine, and it show, the pedometer works fine. But on stock can’t add watchfaces (they are in apk with launcher). Only one. The launcher coco can’t take the data from watch. Tomorrow morning i’ll see what in circlelauncher.apk inside an how this launcher use sensors

Have you tried to uninstall UL completely? Delete all data and reinstall it.

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I’ll find out

  1. default ClockSkin has step array xml, but all watchface what i’ll See did’t have this. Tomorrow find out

I’m confused, because I know that stepcounter faces are working fine with UL on all my devices. It’s hard to believe that it doesn’t work on kingwear kc06.

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Yes you can give me the log in PM. All skins should work with pedometer. I guess that they have put it on an unsupported (non standard) Android id.

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Yeap.Where is log file located? Android/data and clockskin empty

Here is a special version that puts a crash log in the storage root of the watch at the next Launcher start after the crash.


Ok already install and try. And log name was?on the future)