Just wanted to share with this community.

Just wanted to share with this community. I made a charging dock/cradle holder for my D5.
It difficult to place the cradle on the flat surface when charging, so that’s why I made my own out of a cardboard tissue roll hahahah.

There are no planning or design when I do this. Just do it with what on my mind haha. I actually forgot about the usb cable when measuring, so that’s why I have to cut out the route for it, and now it looks like the usb is hidden.
Update: At first I want too cover up the holes on the sides, but now I can use it to hide the usb cable when not charging!

The cost is free, and it tooks me about 2 hours (as you can see the time on the watch) and also burnt my thumbs (stupid mistake with the HOT glue gun)
I know it’s not beautiful, but it do its job which is nice for me hahahah. Maybe I’m going to paint it next.

Unique design. :slight_smile:

@zsolt_m haha thank you :smiley:

Design work! Well done! You are a true original! Bravo!

@Sher_Akiloff Thank you :smiley:

Well the idea is good, but maybe it needs a little bit of paint.

@Afif_Zafri Hey man, really creative. It is not beautiful but useful and as you said free.

@Afif_Zafri ​ very nice work :+1:

@Adrian_B Thank you :slight_smile: Yes agree. Just waiting for the paint to dry now. But still not look so good like the one in the store haha.

@Will_Smith thank you man

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 thank you :smiley:

Update. I have painted and decorate the cradle. Here is the final look :smiley:
missing/deleted image from Google+

come on man, can’t you afford to buy one, it looks like a 5yo did it…sorry if you think i’m rude, but it’s the truth

@Cristea-Antoniu_Crac no its okay. Everybody have their own opinions.
But of course I can afford a cradle, why would I bought a smartwatch if I can’t afford to buy even a cradle?
As I said, I just need it to do its job for the time being as it is difficult to charge it on a flat surface, so I just quickly made one LOL. I need to wait for a week or months (international shipping, I’m not in a states where ANYTHING is accessable) when buying one.

ha ha , now now. No need to be so jealous :slight_smile:

I applaud this post. It’s a bit rough yes, but it might inspire others to improve on a DIY stand/charger. eg. 3D Printed, mechano, lego, other stationery items. It’s all up to the individual’s creativity and imagination. Thanks for posting! I’d like to see more DIY posts.