Just some comparisons next to the i2.

Just some comparisons next to the i2. Just waiting on a firmware update which should be any day now.

Yep - I2 firmware update due in next couple of days. IQI has been telling us this for a while but seems to be coming through now.

KW88 - they realised the issue early and so held back on many orders to fix the problem prior to shipping. Those that received theirs already will get an update very soon, according to King Wear :slight_smile:

That KW88 looks great! And it seems to have amoled and 400*400 resolution on a 1.4" screen and android 5.1. My dream watch if it wasn’t for that numbered ring around the bezel…hate that trend.

I’m looking forward to having the numbered ring around the bezel. My x5 feels a bit blank when the screen is off.

That ring makes it look like that 2000 dollar piece of crap that buys you a name and crappy screen. You can see I hate companies that profit from name only.

That’s pretty much the reaction that we had when we first saw it :slight_smile:

the kingwear looks way better than the i2 sadly it is only 4gb storage and 0.5gb ram if it had as the D6 i would have considered it as my next watch, for now i stick to my D5.

To me thats plenty as apart from watch faces and reminders i wont be doing much more on it. dont think i would even answer emails with it.

@john_gully The Connected ist more than a 2000 dollar “crap” (in fact it is 1350 Euro). Of course it is just another Android Wear, BUT is is well made and feels very solid. The screen is “in between”, safes power. But you are right: not that brilliant a TH it is, so i stick with my 36RS :smiley: