Just letting y'all know, as of now,

Just letting y’all know, as of now, although I will probably be keeping my G+ SN, I will be posting my completely original watch faces under my unofficial brand 猟師Ryōshi. It is Japanese for Hunter or huntsman. Technically, I am saying it twice, once in kanji and once in romanji, but I will just use the kanji in my designs. I will still post tribute faces under my regular SN. I am also designing watchfaces on facer under that SN. I may also bring it over to WM, eventually, as well.

I also wanted to let y’all know, my computer has been out of service for the past several weeks. The digitizer was broken several months ago and the screen was recently damaged beyond usability. My wife rented a new computer, but it’s primary for schooling. Shortly after the first, I will be ordering a new digitizer and screen and doing the replacement myself. After that, I should have unrestricted access and can design at my leisure.

@G1NT0N1C , if possible, I’d like to learn more about filters and what I can do with them. If you can help me out or point me in the right direction, I’d like to learn. Eventually, I’d like to collaborate with you and some of the others to write an ebook on beginning to advanced Android watchface design. I would like it to be something that people requesting faces or interested in making their own can download, possibly print out, and learn from. I want to include CSM, WFD, universal launcher, Photoshop and the capabilities of each design program. Would this be something you’d be interested in?

@Nicholas_Herczeg an excellent idea about the book !!
Engaging some experts like @G1NT0N1C @Marco_Ferreira @Eric_Crochemore @zsolt_m (if he has the opportunity - might be interested) , @Blood_Report and a few others would be a great idea.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 , I would do a lot of the writing and editing, but everyone involved would get equal credit. I was thinking it could be posted on either your or @G1NT0N1C 's drive account and linked to the main forum pin. My main issue is that YouTube and the proboard have the help, but it’s kinda tricky to navigate and hard to find specific information. If have an idea of how I want to put it together. I will be posting a Google Doc outline of how I want to put it together, but I will have it open for free editing. I was thinking that each section could be credited to the people who contributed to that section. I am probably going to have an open post for anyone interested in contributing.

I’m out. Not much time in the moment.

@G1NT0N1C . No problem. Not in an uber rush. I am putting an open outline and eventually an open folder to put section submissions in. If you have the time to contribute later on, awesome. If not, thank you for at least considering it. This is more of a passion project, in any case. I am not putting out anything concrete until there is enough information. Plus, as technology and software develops, as well as my skills, I will be amending it and subtracting or adding sections as needed to keep up. This is only starting out with 1st edition and changing as needed. Maybe you won’t be able to contribute to this version, but can for the next version.