Just installed this app, and seems work fine, have someone more experience with it,

Just installed this app, and seems work fine, have someone more experience with it, or with another better?

I think d5 has wake up when you shake or something similar. The problem with all these apps is that they drain battery

:slight_smile: I confirm, after 10mins = 5% battery drain !!
Yes, I tested the D5 embeded waking app, but it does not work well…

I’ve used this one. Would be curious to know which one uses less power: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=shake.screen.on.off

ive used it also, on watches without the inbuilt function. Also confirming high battery drain, but also overly sensitive, even with its ability to change that. Im happy with the X5 and D5 inbuilt app - whats the problem with yours @mouradOo_ned ? I suppose Shake does overcome not being able to turn on screen when walking…

@Andy_Godber : yeah, i find it hard to use the inbuilt app, it seams to have bugs, it unlocks then locks tu unlock again without shake the second time… @SmartWatch_Ticks : your app drained 6% in about 15 /20 min with the power saving ON.

Thanks @mouradOo_ned that compares with what I am getting. Apparently continuously monitoring the accelerometer sensor eats away at power for all these apps. Perhaps that’s why the inbuilt is so slow. It may take samples less frequently. Plus, it’s not looking for a shake as much as if the watch is facing up and not moving.

you are probably right! it’s a pitty 'cause it’s cool to unlock the watch just with the arm it’s attached on… when you are in a bus or train and have your bare hand hunging or holding something, you can’t lock the watch :slight_smile:

After some practice, I’m getting used to the delay. I lift my arm but don’t look down for a couple of seconds. When I glance I see the time and I’m done. It’s just adapting to that slight delay. Pretty easy, actually.

My D5 embedded waking app works fine,
For people who reported it here is how to make it works:

  1. a. It requires the watch not facing you in its initial position (HINT: your thumb must face upward or forward)
    b. move your arm to make sure the watch does not face
  2. move your arm with a normal speed until the watch faces you
  3. It takes roughly one second to respond

@mouradOo_ned These app do not deep sleep.

Well after some more tests, the inbuilt waking app is not that bad, :). Thanks to all for the advice.s and tips