Just a general post regarding Mobile Uncle.

Just a general post regarding Mobile Uncle.
I have attached a version here that has more in-built options than the version that is built in to the custom roms and seems to be quite hard to find.
It’s got some useful functionality that is missing from the newer versions.
If you want to use and you already have it installed - you will need to go into system apps and remove the MobileUncle.apk that is there.
Then go and install the attached version which you will need to have transferred to your watch before you start this process.
Once installed you can use it to reboot the watch and then explore the extra functionality.
Personally I like to reboot to recovery after the install and wipe Dalvik and Cache partitions to allow Android to re-compile the cache for the new app.

Of course if you don’t have it installed already but have root access - just transfer the apk to your watch and install.