Just a friendly suggestion,

Just a friendly suggestion, if you have a D5+ and aren’t worried about warranty voiding, I would highly recommend flashing the X3+ ROM from the proboards. I found that Finow’s ROM was much better in terms of battery life compared to No1’s, and from what others have said it seems they roll out more OTA updates.

So, it’s 100% compatible? My D5+ with the latest update, doesn’t seem to work the cardiac sensor no matter what… Can you please give the link from where to download? Thanks?

Just don’t flash the preloader

OK, let’s assume that I flashed inumerous devices in the last years. But let us also remember those persons that are not so much familiered with these procedures. Should be convenient that the procedure be easy and well explained to all. Just my opinion. Thanks!

@Sergio_Guerreiro ​​ The heart rate sensor does work, I can’t get a reading but I’m pretty sure that’s just me.

Here’s the download, once it’s flashed make sure to update inside the settings.


The instructions are in the factory firmware section of the forums.

Thanks!! Link for the 27.09.16 not there my friend.

@Sergio_Guerreiro Yes, flash the August one and then on the watch update with the OTA section in About device

Yes, my D5+ doesn’t make a reading too in HRS with latest OTA update…

If I flash x3+ on the D5+, can I revert back easily?

How about D5? Not D5+, can I flash X3 instead?