Here is my ClockSkin - JN_NightWatch
Build with WFD for #stocklauncher #android
Features: Hour, Minute, Second, Day, Day of the Week, Month, Battery level.
Free to use for everyone in this community… :slight_smile: Do not re-share!
Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KoGgEomfsjwOBv-FPtb4tXNIhOOjF0z-/view?usp=sharing


Hey buddy, are you dumping your entire g+/mewe collection?

I think it’s better that you make a Web page and post a link to it because atm it looks almost like post flooding, burying other threads down quite quickly. It makes it difficult for others to want to release faces if they are going to get flooded by yours. I think you are putting a good effort but sometimes less is more. (net etiquette)

Or maybe just post faces at greater intervals.
It’s just an idea :slight_smile:


I have to agree with you on this one @R_Sauvalle. It could easily discourage other posters if they think their post is going to be off the “Front page” (As it were) before anyone gets a chance to have a look at it. Don’t get me wrong @Joao_Nascimento! I think your faces are great (As I have often said in replies to many of your posts) But I think R_Sauvalle has made a good point about posting just a few faces at reasonable intervals. Cheers, Doons


@R_Sauvalle and @Doonsbury it was never my idea to overload this forum with my faces and to make it difficult for others to post their faces. I understand your point of view and for that reason I will take a break and see what happens. Cheers


I really appreciate your work, especially because of the very high quality of the faces. Maybe it would be an idea to post -for example- one a day?


That’s a pity, to have to ask someone eagerly sharing a lot of very nice faces to stop or slow down.
I personally have no trouble seeing all the posts - the forum software marks all unread posts, so I keep looking until I read them all. Doesn’t matter if they are on the top or way down ???
If any adjustments should be made, why not create a dedicated group for these nice faces. Then this will only show up once, no matter how many new posts it has, won’t it ?


I know joao you have best of intentions. You don’t need to take a break; just narrow down the releases like @G1NT0N1C suggested. This would make your individual faces more accessible to see for us. It’s a win-win if you release 1-2 a day.

Don’t stop posting them :wink:


hey @Dotsfar I’ll take it you agree essentially?

Nope, my suggestion was to approach your wish.
Like I said, I have no problem what so ever with the many posts, I simply follow the ‘unread’ marking of the forum software, which lets me read all new post, no matter if they are at the top or bottom. I never speculate actually, where in any list the posts are…

Ah yes, the posts themselves aren’t the big issue; creators seeing their faces quickly (matter of few hours) getting into obscurity is. Also, more people will notice every of joao’s faces if fewer are released.

You don’t have to agree with this, then again I don’t think you release too many faces here so it’s harder to be in our shoes.

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win-win ??? you know that I have shared my work with others for over 3 years for free, I do not intend to “win” anything.


You shouldn’t worry either, I open every single watchface posted, to see if it’s something for me. Doesn’t matter how many posts down in the feed they are, I keep on as long as unread posts are higher than 0…

The word “win-win” means its good for you and for me. Nothing to do with money, mate xD
And yes, I know your repository has a few years in the making. Remeber we go way back :slight_smile: