Jessie from Finow has asked me to post in relation to logging the main

Jessie from Finow has asked me to post in relation to logging the main bugs or issues we want the engineers to resolve.

This is for the X1, D5 and especially the X5.

They are asking also for developer input to resolve issues such as ability to have an option to allow the apps fit to the square (like how they do with Google apps).

Could you please post anything here and I will pass it on. My main issues so far are keyboard voice input, mobile data connection and it not refreshing to restablishing network after losing connection and addition of always on Google voice.

To my knowledge she is sales. I have been in contact since purchasing the watch and she’s been very quick to respond to everything I had asked.

Who is the marketing director? I haven’t seen any posts about this contact.

Could you direct me to the bug list please. Is this the one on xda?

It would be really nice an app would pass the sensordata to the sensormanger. So that all thirdparty apps can use the sensors.

Lokifish, can you please direct me to the bug list for the D5. I can’t find it.

Got it. Thanks

Please send anything more you guys pick up on.

All known issues reported by lokifish have been passed on to finow along with those I added and those reported so far. Please report any further here.

The rest is more requests:

  1. Keyboard voice input does not work. Can it be updated to allow google voice text input to be added instead.
  2. Google Now – can the feature to add always on ‘Ok Google’ searching to be added. This means the watch is always listening for the user.
  3. Watch can answer mobile calls but you then have to speak into your phone when connected to phone Bluetooth. Please allow phone calls on the mobile to be answered on the watch and for us to be able to speak to the watch instead of the phone.
  4. Bluetooth connection with iPhone is not strong. Hard to get reconnected once the connection is lost.
  5. Add function to allow apps to fit to a square screen
  6. App or firmware update to allow the sensor data to communicate with the sensor manger. This will allow all third party apps to use the sensors. This would allow sensor data to be shared with fitness apps in the google play store.
  7. Possibility to implement low energy ‘always on’ setting so a very basic watch face is displayed when main watch face is off.
  8. Addition of feature to allow extra widgets to be added. This would be good for news pages etc.
  9. Watch does not search for mobile connection when it has been lost. The watch should refresh when it finds there is no connection.
  10. Add feature to have an option for mobile data to be always on.
  11. Add sleep activity manager to the system to help monitor ones sleep

I passed on your comments.