IWO 20 & OTHERS - Alternative Android Smartwatch

Hi all,
anyone knows this pretty new watch ? It seems to be the clone of Lemfo Lem10 aka DM20 so same features and layout. But I can’t find specifications onestly…


Please notice that it’s only 1/16GB.

I only took a simple Duck search to find it on Ali-Express for $150 USD. I personally would be cautious buying this watch as like Gin -T says it is only 1x16. Their information is also ?. To the Question does it have BT calling the Answer is: Yes, it support Dial/Answer call. Not really a good answer.


Besides the Lem 10 is still available 3/32 for about $120 USD.

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Yes, I neither think it’s a good deal…


Thx all,
I’ve already found that details on IWO homesite but I can’t find specs about the version on Android, the camera, etc.

Anyway, it’s better to avoid this watch. Understood. :rofl: Since last May 2020, I’m looking for a new watch and till now no chances to find something interesting :face_with_head_bandage: It’s difficult to find a watch with all wished features.

I saw a video. It’s android 7.

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Thx ! :grinning:

And what about this other model ?

696 4G

That is trash. :joy: But actually I trust you to google the specifications yourself and compare them. So please don’t ask me for the other 269 models on the Chinese market. :wink:


No man, of course :rofl:

I’m trying to find something new, that’s all. Sorry.

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Maybe I don’t understand. You say you are trying to find something new but you are looking at Lem 10 clones that are questionable and more expensive than the Lem 10. I have a Lem 10 and rate it as one of the best watches of the many I’ve owned. It is my primary daily watch, just for functional square shape, if nothing else.

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I agree . I have always loved my Lem10 . For me its still the most comfortable watch i have had on my wrist :+1:

Yep, last year I liked LEM10 and I bought it. But it was never arrived, I received the refund by Paypal. So I return to my original idea to find something square but IP68.