I've seen some questions in here latelly on how to create watchfaces.

I’ve seen some questions in here latelly on how to create watchfaces. So, in order to help those who never created a watchface (and maybe even some who already do), I’ve made a video showing the creation of a watchface from zero to finish. It includes both analog and digital time, a power complication and date windows. Hope it helps…

PS: The video is played at twice the speed it was recorded. It took about 1 hour to create the full watch from zero. The video is about 30 minutes, but you can skip the parts you don’t care about :slight_smile:

If you wish to dowload the face generated in this video, here it is: http://bit.ly/2KrCImO

Fantastic @Marco_Ferreira
Can we add this to our YT channel ?

Thanks @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 . Of course you can :slight_smile:

nice video! where is the Watchface download? :slight_smile:

@Marco_Ferreira Thanks very much :slight_smile:

@Marco_Riedner you mean the watchface created in the video?

@Marco_Riedner I’ve updated the post to include the download link to the watchface created

Thank you, Marco!

qual programa vc usou tens o link para baixar

@Marco_Ferreira Is there a version of WFD for Windows or is it strictly Mac? I only have Windows 10.

@Maya_Celso English please

@Nicholas_Herczeg I use it on Windows. Have you been to the support thread to have a look?

Which program do you use? You have the link to download.

@Maya_Celso it is WatchFace Designer, available on the forums. Here is the link: http://roundandroidwatches.proboards.com/thread/1292/watchface-designer

@Nicholas_Herczeg Yes, it is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It’s a Java application and the only requirement is to have the Java virtual machine installed.

@Marco_Ferreira I have published this with full credit to you and links to your thread on the forum and this thread. Please review it and let me know if you are ok with it. Thanks again Marco :slight_smile:

@RASC_Moderators It’s good. Thanks.

@Marco_Ferreira thank you :slight_smile:

Good morning I put a picture on. Gif in the program runs cool but when I play for the clock the image does not appear you can give me a hint how do I wheel Gif in my watchface

@Maya_Celso you’ll have to use Eric’s Universal Launcher on the watch (as indicated on WFD while exporting the clockskin)