It's almost done, missing a few adjustments and improvements Link video:

It’s almost done, missing a few adjustments and improvements

Link video:

Sergio, podes me passar o teu e-mail, isto é, se me puderes ajudar aqui com umas duvidas relativas ao relógio, obrigado

@Tiago_Dias ​, send your and I seen back.

I love it. I’d love to see the lower hand move to the 0 sec position instead of jump there. That’s how I would program them. (nudge nudge wink wink)

@Kenneth_Tan , I also would like to do so, but I think the xml engine do not make that way…

@Sergio_Paulo1 I could give it a try on my framework. Would look cool!

@Kenneth_Tan , I’m all ears, tell me and I will do everything to make it work. :slight_smile:

I’ve just tested your image on my framework, created a secondhand that jumps back from 59 seconds to 1 second. That feels like the smoothest “return sweep”.
But the bottom line, this works fine here (and looks great)
I could build it.
Just to be clear, this is built on my framework, not on any other existing WF engine. It’s working on a KW88

@Kenneth_Tan , I don’t understand how it is possible. But what you did the test is for android 4.4 or android 5.1?

Its for any android version. My watchface framework is a stabdalone app.
It allows more freedom to design options. Works ad a standalone app on any Android device.

I took your image that you posted. Made layers from it and created 1 yellow second dial in photoshop.
Then created a test watchface from your graphics to see if I could program the return sweep.
And that worked.

@Kenneth_Tan , You can make a video to I see how it looks?

Yes tomorrow. I’m sleeping now…almost. …

Ok, have a safe and happy evening. Thanks.

Here’s the minute sweep. (Could be the wrong hand used, but it’s only the test.

@Kenneth_Tan ,
Beautiful, works perfect. You have to tell me what application do you work CF. Send me a message the forum please. And thanks for the video.

@Sergio_Paulo1 I built my own framework. I only use photoshop if I design a watchface. But mostly I ask the designer for permission to convert int into a stand alone WF. Advantages of my system is that it has a lot more options. But it generates a standalone wf app.
If your interested, give me persmission to use your WF and PM me the design files. I need no XML, just the graphics and a short explanation how you want the watch to work.

@Kenneth_Tan , I send you the files of the design, no problem. But what I was asking you, what is the command in .xml that make the hand of the second to bring back slowly. Or this function only it´s possible and works on Android OS 5.1?
Because I’ve tried everything to bring back in android OS 4.4 and does not work. It is?

@Sergio_Paulo1 I don’t know how it works in any clockface designer. So I can’t help you with the XML (What program are you referring to?)

I build it in my own program. Works on all android versions