Is there anyone who is able to give me a genuine clock face apk

Is there anyone who is able to give me a genuine clock face apk of the Kingwear KW88?
Or a map (in zip) with the a certain watch face in it that comes from/out of the KW88
I would be ever so grateful .
This so I can learn from it and can port clock faces from other watches to the beautiful KW88.
And maybe like my other porting make it an installable apk also

For this you need to be able to look into the watch with some kind of explorer (needs to be rooted too I guess) and find the dir where it hides those faces.
I’m still waiting for my KW88 to arrive but am eager to learn and try out stuff.

Thanks in advance


Hi Martin, @Tim_Costello has a great collection of faces. He said that we can use for apk. Please refer to his profile and see some examples.

Thanks , I know and been there
But I can only use the images inside his zip to port to an existing apk (tutorial +smash smashin)
This way we can only "make "apk for KW88 for clockfaces with hands only
Need to know a lot more how we can implement things like batt stats , Wi-Fi, date , weather etc. etc.
That’s why its so important the manufacturer lends us a hand and helps us.
mails were send …still waiting for answers

@INFOMUSICFilms Hi Info… making apk faces from existing faces is easy… just 4 things are needed - one face and three hands… but that is all that the apk faces can do…
@Martin_Nijhuis wants to know how to unlock the other features - digital, weather, heart rate etc - he’s looking for REAL KW88 watchskins so that he can take it apart to see how it “ticks”…
Keep up the good work @Martin_Nijhuis

I know it’s just a part of happiness, and I keep my fingers crossed for more options. But even simple watchfaces make us already happier. :slight_smile:

@INFOMUSICFilms I agree… but if you cross your fingers you’ll crush two pygmy marmoset… :frowning:

OMG those are just too cute.