Is there any news regarding any updated firmware for watch face swapping?

Is there any news regarding any updated firmware for watch face swapping? Does anyone have any positive vibes regarding this matter?

As far as I’ve heard, it’s still locked.

@Lokifish_Marz Please post a link so we can read up on this matter. I feel like I’m left dangling and have to without knowing what’s really going on. I myself cannot find any link on this subject.

I can’t say that these posts answer my question above, for being in search for more in-depth answers about the inability to change clockfaces on Android 5.1.
The section on this community very often repeats the question, but nothing more than a superficial answer is never given.
If there’s no answer, alright, but if there is more information a link to that is never given. And talking for myself, I’ve asked for this in a few threads. I can’t find any source that talks about this problem, let alone has an explanation.

@Lokifish_Marz Thank you very much for this extra information. Your efforts are greatly appreciated here.
Is this an issue that the creators of the watch aren’t opening up the soft/firmware or are they themselves using a framework they cannot get into. Reading a comment from a member who states that the KW88 has one of his faces on it.

Who’s responsible here?

Well now the puzzle pieces are falling into place. Now I understand why this is so difficult. Thank you very much for this explanation and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that some nice solutions get developed by the community.