Is it possible to make this one.

Is it possible to make this one.

Triwa Smartwatch Concept

Hmmm… I’ll start the conversation off by saying, “no”… there are several functions which aren’t possible - mainly based around notifications (but also compass)… apps, like Floating Toucher, can add a few things to your watchface:)

It should be absolutely possible to make such a smartwatch

@Alexander_Bonner_Aks Which of our round Android smartwatches would you use?

I have a D5… and the clock engine only allows steps, heart rate, watch battery, temperature, weather, day, month and moon phase…

I have this for Android wear

Androidwear would be no problem… but as this is NOT an Androidwear site I wondered what could be done for our watches :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Davis Tomorrow I’ll give you the link to download version pure Android

@Luca_Michielini1 I look forward to receiving it… :slight_smile:


@Luca_Michielini1 Hi Luca, it looks nice but this watch doesn’t have the functions that were asked for by maj B - notifications, calls, compass etc… it only has (some) of the functions that I had already outlined - weather, temp, battery, heart rate… good try but no cigar :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing this with us. Indeed, it looks very nice. It is a good start to begin with. Maybe I can figure out how to add more functions to it. I will let you know. Many thanks